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Education is critical to our kids’ future. 

COVID has made the duty to educate our kids a challenge.

Limiting access to face-to-face learning in school buildings hurts kids and families.

A safe return to school in the fall is the only option.

The Problem

Many Colorado school districts have announced plans to return students to school in the fall. However, despite overwhelming support from the medical community for a return to in-person learning, these plans have been challenged by groups that are pushing to keep schools closed.

Safely returning students to the classroom on a full-time basis in the fall should be a top priority for students and families. Please take action today!

Why full-time, in-classroom
learning matters:

  • Safety of students and educators is a top priority. 
  • Continuing to keep students out of school has significant negative impacts academically, socially, and emotionally.
  • Kids are hungry to return to classrooms.
  • After schools were closed this spring, many parents learned the hard way– large public-school systems have struggled to create an adequate model for remote learning.  Another semester – or worse, another full school year – of sub-par educational experience for the children of Colorado is not an option
  • COVID-19 exposed inequities that have existed for years. Remote learning increased these inequities and widens the gap for our most vulnerable students
  • Rising to meet this challenge requires the whole community, not just school leaders. Schools must be ready to open; we are here to partner and help do it safely.
  • Schools reopening is part of a larger community plan and should be done in collaboration with public health officials.
  • Safely reopening schools is a crucial step in helping reopen other parts of the economy. If kids cannot go to school, parents can’t work
  • School athletics are a key motivator for many students and provides lifelong lessons in perseverance and grit. We must find safe procedures to restart youth sports.

Proactive options for reopening –
getting creative to support our students:

  • K-12 should follow the lead of higher education and develop a safe and workable plan to return students to the classroom in the fall
    • A regular 16-week semester term beginning in August.
  • In-person classes through Thanksgiving, with the option for remote or hybrid learning for the remainder of the semester to allow for a potential fall COVID 19 spike.
  • Flexible schedules with variable start times/ multiple student “shifts”
  • Re-purposing of large spaces – gyms, cafeterias, mobile buildings, etc.
  • Use of community spaces – churches, recreation centers, etc.
  • Onsite summer learning on a voluntary basis
  • Implementation of social distancing and/or use of PPE should be utilized when reasonable to do so.
  • Good hygiene practices and support for students who stay home when ill.